The Problem

Roughly 75 million adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure and only 54% of these people are aware they have high blood pressure. This condition is known as the “silent killer” and it’s easy to see why. Since most people are not aware they have this condition, they can become victims of heart diseases or strokes at any time. This is especially worrisome since there are no warning signs or symptoms. Regular monitoring of blood pressure is crucial for the prevention of these fatal health issues. Continuous monitoring of blood pressure can detect blood pressure variation throughout the day to find irregularities. Without continuous monitoring, it is incredibly easy for early signs of cardiovascular disease to go undetected.

Current blood pressure monitors fail to meet user criteria. Blood pressure cuffs are most commonly available, yet are not continuous and can only be used when one is sitting at rest. More accurate monitors are not portable nor easily accessible to the public. Several companies report development of a wearable and continuous monitor, yet no product has been released yet. Health monitoring is lacking in a device that can ease the burden of one’s health.