Wearable wrist sensors are expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 23.8% with a market of $2.4 billion in 2022. The blood pressure monitoring devices market was also valued at $2.1 billion in 2014. Fitbit has been the leader in wearable technology for health and fitness since 2014. Their market share of unit shipments was 34.2% during the first quarter of 2015 and has dropped to 13.7% in the third quarter of 2017. Due to the introduction of the Apple watch, Apple became the third largest vendor of wearable technologies in 2016. Nearly 11 million smartwatch units were shipped worldwide in 2016, allowing Apple to hold 10% of the market share that year. About 45% of all smartwatch units are expected to have Appleā€™s watch operating system as their operating system by 2019.