Our Solution

We aim to ease the burden of health monitoring by providing simple devices that fit into everyday activity. Slap Band is a wristband with a highly sensitive pressure sensor that can measure blood pressure continuously. Because of its portability, the Slap Band allows its users to monitor their blood pressure anywhere, providing continuous blood pressure measurements. Patients would be able to measure their blood pressure multiple times throughout the day without it being disruptive to their daily lives. The Slap Band will also be capable of Bluetooth, allowing blood pressure measurements to be sent to a patient’s smartwatch, smartphone, or other mobile device.

How it Works

The most critical component of the Slap Band is an incredibly sensitive pressure sensor embedded in the wristband. When placed over the radial artery, the sensor detects pressures of blood flow and uses algorithms to convert it into blood pressure. Alongside this sensor, a second sensor is used to ensure accuracy of measurements and comfortable fit for the user. Measured data is sent through bluetooth to the user’s smartphone for easy viewing and sharing.